About Our Team

A Reputation of Excellence

The Law Office of Jason Williams + Associates enjoys a reputation of excellence that is widely recognized and respected throughout the state. This exceptional reputation was built over the team’s combined 65 years of experience in pursuit of a single principle: fight for justice for every single client.

Our team takes the honor of fighting your legal battles personally and seriously. We are keenly aware that your legal battle will have a lasting impact on the rest of your life. Our attorneys are known throughout the legal community for their creativity and skill both inside and outside the courtroom.

Although widely known for our legal prowess before a jury or a judge, we also realize going to trial is not always in the best interest of every client.  It is at these times when our firm’s past reputation for success, married with skillful creativity is utilized to negotiate out-of-court settlements and amicable resolutions. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

How We Began

A couple years out of law school, Jason Williams quickly developed a reputation as a fierce and vigorous trial attorney in the courtrooms of Tulane and Broad. After a few years of learning to navigate the legal system, he stepped out on his own to begin his own private practice. Jason had one goal in mind, to be the voice of those not being heard, to be the ears of those not willing to listen and to create a lasting legal legacy.

Jason Williams quickly learned doing it all alone left something to be desired. He knew his clients needed more. They needed more communication, more eyes to gather and examine evidence, and a team to be more than just the force of one man.

One day early in his practice, Jason met a young receptionist, Nicole, at the shared office space where he was working. After noticing her notepads, post-it notes and a mound of JonBenét Ramsey novels, he stopped in his tracks. They struck up an intriguing conversation and their lifelong friendship began.

At the time, Nicole was still an undergraduate student with her eyes set on being her family’s first college graduate with hopes of one day going to law school. Needing assistance with his case files at the time, Jason asked Nicole if she could help between classes and after her shifts as a receptionist. Nicole agreed and implemented Jason’s file management, and the two hit the ground running and have never looked back.

Nicole continued to work with Jason throughout her law school career which she attended at night while working and raising her family. Jason encouraged Nicole to complete law school while promising if she made it through, he would create a firm and bring her own as his first associate. Although many make promises like this, few ever stay true to their words. This was an exception.

Nicole was admitted to the Louisiana Bar in May 2010, and Jason Williams + Associates was established in August 2010.

Where We Are Now

Since 2010, we have had an opportunity to work with dynamic legal talents who have gone on to become judges, sole practitioners and high ranking community activists. We invite you to learn more about our each of our team members.

Jason Williams

Lead Counsel

Jason is a multi award winning litigator, the current District Attorney of New Orleans and founder of Jason Williams + Associates.

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Nicole E. Waguespack

Managing Partner

Nicole is a fierce litigator who arms herself with passion and preparedness. She brings leadership to the firm as the managing partner.

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Hannah Beth Salter Smith

Counsel Attorney

Hannah’s career in civil litigation has earned her a Rising Star by Super Lawyers for 5 consecutive years, an honor held by only 4% of attorneys in Louisiana.

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Robert “Bob” J. Ellis, Jr.

Counsel Attorney

As a 22-year veteran of the legal profession, Bob has built an enduring reputation for winning within many industries, including banking, finance, and construction.

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