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Words of Praise

Billy Karno, Renowned New Orleans Business Owner:

“I have owned buildings and have operated business in the historic French Quarter since the 1950’s. Owning historic property and conducting business in a historic district is extremely complex and has only become more complicated in recent years. A number of agencies and entities such as the VCC and others are engaged daily in the work of the historic preservation of our beautiful French Quarter, which means there are many more building, zoning, legal issues, and requirements for doing business here. This type of work is over most lawyers’ heads because it’s more than just knowing the law. This firm knows the law exceptionally well, but they also know the city’s history and its people, which makes them so much more effective. They know how to get things done. They know time is money. In fact, they very recently stepped in and resolved a case within 90 days that had been in litigation for over 2 years. I wish I had pulled them in sooner.  They treat me like I am their only client in the world and after 70 years of doing business in the city, that level of service is priceless.”


Charisse Vital, Auto Accident Victim & Nurse Practitioner:

 “I was involved in an auto accident last year and unfortunately had problems attempting to deal with the insurance company directly. I called Jason Williams for help. Our daughters attended high school together and he has always been friendly and approachable. I worked with his associate Hannah Salter on two separate occasions and she is a gem! This is the first attorney I’ve worked with who has been personable, accessible, prompt and honest about expectations and timelines. She gave me her cell phone number and always responded quickly and even at late hours. She really went above and beyond to help, frequently touched base to inquire about my needs, and made an unpleasant experience tolerable. I highly recommend and will use the firm again if needed!”


Wendell Fisher, Burn Accident Victim:

“The team at this office never made me feel like I was just a case. While I was working, fully dressed in my protective fire retardant gear, I fell into a pit full of chemicals that was improperly marked. The emergency procedures to rescue me were botched and I suffered burns that I didn’t believe I would ever survive.

This firm was like family to me through it all.  This was one of the worst times of my life, and I never worried about how it was going to turn out because I knew they were working from their hearts. My case was always about me, and never about them.  I thank God he pointed me to their office.  Their compassion to fight for me, what they did for me, and the good I know they will continue to do, makes me so proud. They recovered a confidential  settlement for me that has helped me navigate through tough times and has secured my future. Jason Williams + Associates is unlike any law firm and I would recommend them to anyone who is suffering a serious burn injury.”


Lisa Fouquet, Disaster Recovery Company Management

“If I ever call this team and they don’t have an answer or plan, I’d just jump out the window. They are the end all be all, my only go to for any crisis management need.”


Mel Hignell, CEO of White Spider 

“Bob’s skills on crisis management? He’s a magician.” 


Sonia Tillman

“Get to know Mr. Williams +Associates, one of the best.” 


Elise Cahn, New Orleans Business Owner:

 “I came to this firm after facing permitting delays with the City of New Orleans. This firm walked me through the permitting process and was always available to answer my questions about permitting complexities. This firm is an asset to any business owner trying to navigate the complexities of the permitting and zoning systems.” 


Michael Charleston, Juror 

“I served as juror on a case where Jason Williams was the defense attorney. He is one the most talented attorneys I’ve ever witnessed. Extremely talented and should be known throughout the country.”


Dennis W. Moore

“Jason Williams is a great man. Having known him for almost 20 years, I have been able to see the character of this man. He loves and treasures his family as well as his friends. Jason is an excellent attorney and advocate for all who are in need of assistance. It is a privilege to call Jason my friend. I am proud of you J, keep up the good work.”


Kaj Friis-Hecht

“Such a good lawyer!” 



“I hope the time never comes…but if it does, Jason will be the one to call.”


Sharon Jeffery

“Great attorney.”


Gary Watson

“The best yet, in an imperfect world.”


Jasmine Smith

“Very welcoming.”

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