Auto Accident Attorneys

Why Hire An Auto Accident Attorney?

You Don’t Need to Fight Alone

Auto accidents can be traumatic and life changing. The last thing you want to deal with during the healing process is fighting an insurance company for money that is rightfully yours. Hiring an attorney after an auto accident ensures you don’t have to deal with the complex claim process yourself. You will likely also receive a much greater claim amount, even after attorney fees, than you would if you handled your claim yourself. Save time, stress, and gain peace of mind – hire one of our experienced team members to guide you.


Never Deal With an Insurance Claims’ Adjustor on Your Own

We strive to provide the best possible service to our clients, and our reputation goes far with insurance companies who know we are not afraid to try a case. Assessing the counsel on a case is one of the first steps an insurance company takes. With Jason Williams + Associates, you can ensure your auto accident case will get the attention it needs and your personal injuries are backed by the force of our reputable team.

We know there are hundreds of Louisiana personal injury attorneys to choose from. We invite you to read more about our team at our attorney profiles page and to hear more from clients below who we have handled auto accidents for in the past.

Always a Phone Call Away

You will always get the cell phone number of your attorney. We answer calls within 24 hrs, and we can come to the accident scene or your house.

Ensuring the Maximum Benefit

Our experienced team will comb through your coverage contract to make sure you are receiving the maximum amount for your injuries.

We’ll Help Reduce Your Medical Bills

We negotiate with hospitals and providers to get you any reductions possible, leaving more money in your pocket.

We’ll Never Take More Than You Win

Our first goal is to get you the most money possible. If our fee is greater than the amount you receive, we will lower it.

Helping You Focus On Recovery

We can help you find medical providers. If you don’t have health insurance, we can help you cover the costs while you wait for a settlement.

Getting You Back On the Road

We’ll handle your property damage and diminished value claim, at no charge to you.

Our Process

When you call us for a free consultation, the first step we go through is determining all potential parties at fault. In Louisiana, we are a comparative fault state which means multiple people can be at fault for a single accident. This is why it is important to consult an attorney to ensure you are preserving your rights against all potentially liable parties.

The second step we go through is getting you set up with appropriate medical care. Some clients may have their own doctors in mind, and others may like to find a doctor near their home or work so they can ensure their treatment is completed in an efficient manner. Other clients may have special needs to see certain doctors who specialize in other areas of practice such as neurology, orthopedics, psychiatry, and the list goes on. At Jason Rogers Williams & Associates, we are here to be your point of contact and handle all questions or any issues you may have arising out of your medical care after an auto accident. 

The third step we go through is getting a proper claim file set up with the at-fault parties and their insurers. We also look at your insurance to see if there is any additional coverage which may be available at no expense to you. This could include medical payments coverage and underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage.

The fourth step we go through is managing your claim throughout your treatment. We will continue to check in on you as your medical treatment progresses. If you do not recover or we are unable to settle your claim, we will file a lawsuit. In Louisiana, you have 1 year to file a lawsuit after an auto accident against the at-fault party, and you have 2 years to file a claim against your uninsured or underinsured motorist carrier if necessary. We consult with you throughout this entire process so you know what is being done with your case and how it is moving forward.

Case Study:



Rear-ended by drunk driver and insurance company offered her $3K


Case resolved for confidential full settlement of policy limits within less than less than 7 months after she hired our firm. Client received substantially more than offered by her insurance company, even after paying attorneys fees and medical bills. We assisted client in coordinating additional specialist medical care to resolve her personal injuries.

I was involved in an auto accident last year and unfortunately had problems attempting to deal with the insurance company directly. I called Jason Williams for help. Our daughters attended high school together and he has always been friendly and approachable. I worked with his associate Hannah Salter on two separate occasions and she is a gem! This is the first attorney I’ve worked with who has been personable, accessible, prompt and honest about expectations and timelines. She gave me her cell phone number and always responded quickly and even at late hours. She really went above and beyond to help, frequently touched base to inquire about my needs, and made an unpleasant experience tolerable. I highly recommend and will use the firm again if needed!

– Charisse Vital, Auto Accident Victim & Nurse Practitioner

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