Business Permits and Zoning

Why Hire a Permit Attorney?


Time delays in projects can be costly. By hiring an attorney to assist you through obtaining the necessary permits, you ensure your project’s compliance with the law quickly and safely.


Don’t speak “legalese”? Relax and let us handle the paperwork. Our proven, streamlined process ensures that your permit will fast-track through the legal system without delays.


Jason Williams’ experience as the president of the New Orleans City Council gives him unique insights that will help lift your project out of the planning stages and put it on the map.


We Know New Orleans

Permitting can make or break a business. One mistake can trigger an invalidation of the permit, leading to delays and legal risks which can jeopardize the entire project.

Our expertise has successfully guided New Orleans businesses through the complicated permit process. Once hired, we remain your advocate and advisor through all permit proceedings to ensure your project is appropriately and legally permitted.

We work with One Stop, which is the application and permitting process for the city of New Orleans. All various types of business, safety and zoning permits outside of alcohol are fielded through One Stop. Our extensive knowledge of this system allows us to streamline your permit quickly and easily. Allow us to give you a FREE CONSULTATION to see how one of our permit attorneys can help you.


Leave the Details to Us

The process for obtaining a conditional use permit includes certain legal verifications and at least one neighborhood meeting, which must follow specific guidelines. We conduct, attend and document the meeting to ensure legal compliance with the City Planning Commission. We also field questions from the public with the assistance of you and your project architect.

Following the meeting, we prepare a summary report and submit your land use application. Once this is submitted, you will be assigned a hearing date so the city can vote on your permit. We will attend the hearing and act as your legal guide through this process.

Case Study:

Catalyst Microbrewery and Restaurant


8301 Olive Street held a garden center years ago, but Hurricane Katrina left the site abandoned. Grove Holly LLC wanted to revitalize the area with a new microbrewery, and they chose us to help them overcome the legal restrictions in place.


The square footage of the new construction was larger than the existing limit in that zone. These regulations would have made their plans impossible. We held a city meeting via Zoom, encouraging support for the project and assuaging fears.


We fought for Grove Holly, using our reliable, streamlined method to secure a conditional use permit for them. Thanks to our efforts, the abandoned lot will be transformed into a brewery, restaurant, and urban garden in 2021.


I came to this firm after facing permitting delays with the City of New Orleans. This firm walked me through the permitting process and was always available to answer my questions about permitting complexities. This firm is an asset to any business owner trying to navigate the complexities of the permitting and zoning systems.

– Elise Cahn, New Orleans Business Owner

Catalyst Microbrewery and Restaurant

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