Civil Litigation & Trial Referrals

Why Hire a Civil Litigation & Trial Referrals Attorney?

Despite serving as the current District Attorney of New Orleans, Jason Williams is still permitted to operate a private civil practice in Orleans Parish and beyond statewide. Our firm accepts referrals of civil litigation matters both for pre-trial, trial and post-trial matters. We enjoy collaborating with other lawyers and law firms as co-counsel to maximize results.

A born litigator, Jason was still in law school when he took on his first legal cases. He never left the courtroom, which he affectionately calls his second home. Year after year, the firm’s efforts have resulted in wins for its clients, not compromises. Jason has tried over 200 legal cases, and won 99% of his trials from the start of his career to present. 

When opposing counsel and insurance companies are evaluating a case, the first thing they look to is whether the attorney advancing the case will actually take it to trial. With Jason on your team, the answer is always yes. His prowess in the courtroom brings added value to cases and to much deserved clients. Jason’s commanding presence in the courtroom has seen him inducted to the American College of Trial Lawyers where fellowship is extended by invitation only to lawyers practicing 15+ years and ranking within the top 1% of master litigators internationally in the United States and Canada. 

After winning several high-profile cases, the Louisiana Supreme Court appointed Jason to serve as a Judge in Orleans Parish, earning him the record of the youngest District Judge in the City’s history. So not only has Jason served as an advocate, he’s served as the adjudicator. His experience brings added value to your case and we accept civil referrals from other attorneys in a variety of matters.


Pre-Litigation Matters

Whether or not your case is in litigation, it is never too early to bring on our team.

In fact, the earlier the better. We pride ourselves on collecting and examining evidence which is often best done in the pre-litigation stages. Once you bring on Jason Williams + Associates, our team is at your disposal.


Powerful mediation presentations and a trial ready team can enhance the value of your case prior to moving forward with trial. With our in-house graphics team, we are equipped to make powerful mediation presentations which set your case apart from the rest at no additional cost to you or your client.



You can bring our team on at any time to assist with a trial. In the past our team has handled civil trial matters on both the plaintiff and defense side. Our ability to prepare for trials often makes us the lawyer for lawyers. We have been contacted on numerous occasions to step in as trial counsel only weeks before a trial is set to commence.

We accept civil litigation and trial referrals on both an hourly and contingent basis depending on the needs of the respective clients.

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