Lobbying and Government Relations

Our Expertise Can Help You Influence Policy

Put Our Knowledge to Work

What if you wanted to change the law? What if you wanted different regulations? The lobbying team at
Jason Williams + Associates is here to help you map out your plan, and put that plan in action either at the local, state or federal level. A special strength of our law firm is working to advocate on behalf of organizations, businesses, professionals and non-profits to achieve change or preemptively plan for potential problems.


What Sets Us Apart?

What gives Jason Williams + Associates a strategic edge in lobbying? The answer is simple: our extensive experience in both politics and government.

Jason Williams is the current New Orleans District Attorney and past President of the New Orleans City Council. In addition, members of our team are registered lobbyists affording you the benefit of their first-hand experiences. Other attorneys in our firm work with private and government clients regularly and know the lay of the land and climate you are facing, which is invaluable when strategizing on lobbying efforts.


Areas of Expertise

We know how legislative and executive actions affect our clients’ interests. Our law office maintains an active and ongoing presence in varying levels of government, and our knowledge and team collaboration is an unparalleled advantage which cannot be offered by other lobbying firms or lobbyists.

Examples of where our lobbying skills can be put to work for you include:

  • Municipal & Parish Governments:
    • City councils, new orleans city council,
    • City agencies, vieux carre commission,
    • Historic district & landmarks commission,
    • City planning commission,
    • Alcoholic beverage commission
  • Regional & District Boards
  • State Agencies & Offices
  • The Louisiana Legislature
  • The Federal Government

Our Services


We can craft cost effective, efficient and strategic lobbying plans unique to your needs and goals

Coalition Building

We can build coalitions, alliances, and grassroots campaigns to promote individual legislative objectives


We draft, design and copyright impactful communications and/or visual presentations to targeted officials, entities or interest groups

Public Meetings

We can appear for advocacy, testimony and/or draft briefings for committee meetings and hearings


We can assist in crafting, drafting or amending laws, rules and regulations that affect your interests


We will advocate for your goals to ensure you are heard and your purposes are clearly communicated to the right audiences



Nonprofit Organizations



Public Sector Clients



Businesses & Corporations



Government Agencies



Local Governments



Trade Organizations

Who Can Benefit From a Lobbyist?

Companies and groups are heavily affected by laws and regulations. Lobbying advocacy can make the difference in the impact on you, or the impact you make. There are many different types of people who made need a lobbyist and who we take pride in representing a wide variety of clients from the public sector to government agencies.

If you have a question about hiring a lobbying law firm or how lobbying efforts from Jason Williams + Associates can help you, contact us today for a free consultation. We are more than lawyers, we are advisers who can bring new ideas to light and path for ventures unexplored.

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