Work Injury Attorneys

Why Hire a Work Injury Attorney?

You Don’t Need to Fight Alone

Every worker is entitled to a safe workplace. If you are injured while at work, you could be out of employment for weeks, months or even permanently depending on the severity of your injury. We know this can be life changing for you and your family who depend on your income. At Jason Williams + Associates, we are here to help you navigate the complex workman’s compensation process, answer your questions, and make sure your rights are protected while we fight to win you the greatest possible compensation for your injury.


What Sets Us Apart?

We fight for each of our clients as if we were fighting for someone in our own family.

Hiring a work injury attorney is a uniquely personal decision. At Jason Williams + Associates, we understand the stress and indecision you face when you have been injured on the job. We believe you are entitled to respect and compensation from your employer, and we will fight to get it for you.

No injury is too big or too small for our firm to consider handling. Our skilled team has many years of experience handling workman’s compensation claims. If you trust us with your injury case, we will not rest until we have obtained the maximum benefit for you.

Can I Receive Workman’s Comp?

When you contact us for a free consultation, we will discuss all of your potential benefits with you. We know it can be overwhelming to try and understand all of the legal rights you may have if you were injured on the job. We also know how important your job is to you, and that is why each worker’s compensation consultation with our firm is confidential.

Unfortunately, we often witness companies changing their attitude towards their employees when they are injured on the clock. Employer’s primary concern is protecting their own interest, not yours – and that’s where we come in. We know how it feels when your employer turns their back on you, and we take it personally.

We are proud to represent workers from many industries, including drilling, industrial plants, oil refineries, ship yards, hospitals, retail stores, restaurants, small businesses, transportation companies, and many more.

Have You Experienced:

A Work Related Fall?

An Auto Accident on the Job?

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Injury by Another Worker or Client?

Injury in a Structure Collapse?

Any Other Injury While on the Clock?

Then Contact Us for a Free Consultation!


What Can I Recover?

You are entitled to receive 66.67% of your average weekly wage at the time you were injured, as well as non-monetary benefits, including tips and bonuses, and the value of vacation and holiday days, insurance premiums, etc.

You are also entitled to have all related medical bills covered, and additional benefits if you are unable to return to work at the same capacity.

Hiring an attorney ensures that you receive the correct amount of compensation. Small mistakes and missed deadlines can cause your claim to be denied, so the help of an attorney is important in making sure the claim submission process goes smoothly. We can also help you find a an excellent healthcare provider and determine your level of disability.


Anyone Can Afford an Attorney

Even if you have limited financial resources, you can hire an injury lawyer. Our fees are deducted from your claim, meaning we do not get paid until you do. We have the experience to hold your company accountable for the maximum possible benefit, meaning that even after our fees are paid, our clients usually end up with a bigger payout than if they had handled the claim themselves.

Attorneys fees for worker’s compensation cases are set by New Orleans law at a 20% contingency fee. In certain circumstances, the court may actually order your employer to pay your attorney’s fees.

Hiring an attorney can save you not only money, but time that can be better used recovering from your injury. Leave the stress behind and get started with your free consultation now.

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